Prevention of fires

Prevention of fires

The Studio Corti carries out with all its professionalism all the practices of fire prevention and follows all the authorization process aimed at the issue of the Certificate of Fire Prevention (C.P.I.).

The Study deals with the planning to 360°, the realization of the technical elaborations to the compilation of all the necessary documents in order to present the practice of application for evaluation to the command of the fire brigade of competence.

For the design, the Firm employs professionals in all fields (electrical, construction and mechanical) who, through technical meetings with the client and the staff of the fire department, develop a project that meets their needs respecting all regulatory constraints.

The Study follows the entire phase of realization with periodic controls and technical meetings near the yard, takes care of the writing of the Certified Report of Start of Activities (S.C.I.A) and supports the compliance of the above activity/and fire prevention and fire safety requirements and supports VV technicians. F during any inspection.

The Professional Corti Alessandro is registered in the professional register and in the lists of the Ministry of the Interior; it operates within the scope of its competences having passed the examinations provided by law 818 84 (or ex course 818 - now DLGS 139 of 2006).