Large retail sector

Studio Corti has been operating in the large retail sector (GDO) for many years and not only deals with the design of electrical / mechanical and fire prevention systems, but following Energy Audits, it offers the best solutions for optimizing electricity.


Studio Corti, also in the industrial sector, as for that of the GDO, does not only deal with the design of the electrical system, but provides the best solutions according to specific needs.


Studio Corti in the public sector does not only work with large hospital companies, but also with medical, dental and more generally local medical offices.

Sport centers

Studio Corti has an experience in sports centers, not only in football fields, but ranges from the latter to gyms. Even in this sector, where energy efficiency is increasingly important, we offer answers in line with market needs.


Studio Corti also works with private individuals and in fact takes care of the specific needs of the customer in a serious and reliable way, guaranteeing excellent service for private individuals as well.