CPI Fire Prevention Certificate: what it is and who should apply for it

The Fire Prevention Certificate (CPI) is one of the most delicate and important aspects of firefighting design. The application must be submitted before the start of the exercise of an activity to the command of the Fire Brigade of competence, which will perform technical checks and only in case of a positive outcome of the same will issue the certificate. If anomalies are found that prevent the release of the CPI, the firefighters will have the right to temporarily suspend the activity and request the building to be compliant.

What does the CPI attest?

The Fire Prevention Certificate certifies, in fact, the compliance by the activity subject to the requirements set by the standard and the existence of safety requirements in all areas of the activity.

What are the activities that require the certificate?

The D.P.R. n. 151/2011, the legislation currently in force, contains a list of 80 activities subject to fire prevention controls (CPI), divided into 3 categories (A low risk, B medium risk and C high risk) in relation to their size , sector of activity, technical rules, public safety and with various procedural requirements.

How long does the CPI last?

The formal expiry of the Fire Prevention Certificate is normally after 5 years from the date of issue and certifies that a building still
possesses the necessary requirements regarding fire safety and prevention.

Studio Corti takes care of all the practices relating to fire prevention and follows the entire authorization process aimed at issuing the CPI, from the drafting of the SCIA to the support towards the technicians of the Fire Brigade during any inspection.

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