360 ° automation: from the electrical panel to the edge of the machine

As regards the "Automation" branch, the design is touched at 360 ° from the electrical panel to the edge of the machine, starting from the project setting meeting with the customer where the foundations for the work surface are laid.

Then passing through an analysis of the machine layout for the definition of the position of the components and for the passage of cables.

After an initial analysis, it is possible to start the actual electrical project with the drafting of the electrical diagram using the CAD software EPLAN Electric P8.

Throughout the course of the project we remain in close contact with the customer, participating in project progress meetings, collaborating with the mechanical and software part of the team.

At the end of the drawing part, the diagram is used by the wirers to perform the wiring of the plates and then the assembly of photocells and the connections with the various motors located on the machine.

During this phase, our support towards the cabling is maximum, with which an excellent collaboration often takes place.

It is during this phase that the project undergoes some changes, therefore it is up to us also to use the as built surveys directly in the field on the machines to keep the patterns updated.

Finally, the "As Built" version of the scheme is translated into a foreign language based on the destination of the machine.


Studio Corti makes use of different software, each of which is used according to the client's needs and the project to be carried out.

  • For the load flow of networks we use dgsilent power factory
  • For the design of electrical, photovoltaic systems, sizing of lines, selectivity between circuit-breakers etc. electrographics series including Eplus, Solergo, Ampere.
  • For CAD automation EPLAN Electric P8
  • For the probabilistic lightning calculation: CEI flash
  • For places with danger of explosion: AtexGas by tuttonormel