Classification of areas with danger of explosion

Classification Areas with explosion hazard and ATEX risk analysis

In companies where flammable and combustible substances are present or may form, in the form of gas, steam, fog or dust, the Consolidated Law on Work Safety (Legislative Decree 81/08 - Title XI) provides for the Employer the obligation to carry out the related risk assessment. To do this, it is necessary to prepare the "Classification of areas with risk of explosion" which Studio Corti carries out using trained personnel.

The assessment consists in analyzing flammable substances, places, plants and environmental conditions in order to identify any dangerous areas on which, if necessary, carry out interventions to reduce, limit or eliminate the risk of explosion.

The "Classification of areas with explosion hazard" is carried out in compliance with the European standards of the EN 60079 series, with the related transpositions by the CEI and the UNI standards.