Design and construction of photovoltaic systems

In the photovoltaic sector, Studio Corti has gained twenty years of experience in the design of photovoltaic systems. We were the first to believe in this technology in the early 2000s.

Our knowledge varies both for residential and commercial plants, and to production plants of several MW.

We have and still work throughout the national territory.

We follow the project and construction of the plant photovoltaic in all its phases, from the site inspection to the connection to the network. We accompany all authorization requests and connection practices with the distributor. We carry out evaluations of economic convenience using special calculation software.

  • Design and connection of photovoltaic systems (including administrative procedure from authorization to activation) from 1kWp up to 20mWp with HIGH VOLTAGE connection

Once the system is built, we are able to perform all the checks and tests required by the customer:

  • Calibration and test of MV / LV protections (relay test box)
  • Module / inverter testing
  • I / V module curves