Studio Corti - Since 1994 professionalism and competence

Studio Corti was founded in 1994 as an individual company, then to respond to market demands, it expands and now employs 12 employees.

The Firm operates mainly in the electrical sector and with partnerships in the fields of fire prevention and air conditioning ensuring the highest professionalism and competence. Our structure is extremely slim and allows you to give quick and competitive answers with the highest level of technology and quality.


Studio Corti was born in 1994 from the idea of Corti per. ind. Alessandro, who after having gained experience decided to start practicing his profession by his own.


Thanks to its client base, the studio still manages to expand up to 8 employees


The study begins to collaborate with external persons in order to satisfy the demands of the market and to be able to give more complete packages services 


Widens again the collaborators going to invest in the new levers


Corti Per.ind. Alessandro going to meet the demands of the market and the needs of the customer from a physical person becomes a company and is born Studio Corti S.r.l. stp a socio unico


Today Studio Corti aims to implement the skills of its collaborators in order to give an ever more complete service with the demands of the market.