Verification of instruments

Verification of instruments

The Studio Corti, with the help of a mobile unit equipped with special tools, pc for the management of interventions and storage of measurements, is able to analyze on site the equipment present in various places, following a specific action plan and detecting any non-compliance.

Thermographic analysis

The infrared thermographic investigation is a non-destructive and predictive technique that allows, without direct contact with the detected parts while remaining at a safe distance, to identify defects, poor maintenance and any excessive overheating of electricaland non-electrical components.

This investigation allows you to anticipate and reduce any faults which can in turn generate temporary production stoppages with a consequent economic loss.

Studio Corti offers the possibility of carrying out analyzes on electrical and / or mechanical systems, using adequately trained and certified ISO 9712 1st and 2nd level personnel, to examine the thermal profiles of the detected components, providing immediate feedback.

Carrying out the thermographic analysis on electrical systems allows companies to be able to obtain a reduction in the annual INAIL premium, by presenting the OT24 model.

Measure electric and magnetic fields

Studio Corti has the appropriate instrumentation for the evaluation of the low frequency electromagnetic field in order to evaluate possible problems due to their presence, both for the population and for workers, as well as the sector guides and standards.

In fact, even the category of workers may be subject to the action of the electromagnetic field during the working day; for this reason, according to the Consolidated Law on workplace safety (Legislative Decree 81/08), the assessment of sensitive places must be carried out in order to compare the measured values with the values set by the standards and, in case of exceeding the limits, take action to take appropriate precautions.

Further checks

  • Calibration and verification of general protections with relay test house for medium voltage users
  • Network analysis
  • Electromedical checks
  • Security checks
  • Earth resistance measurement
  • Measurement of step and contact voltages
  • Insulation resistance measurement for Medium Voltage cables with applied voltage up to 80 kV
  • Medical and hospital checks
  • Verification on electro-medical equipment
  • Instrumental checks on safety systems: Riv. fire Riv. gas, evacuation systems
  • Calibration and verification of interface protections with relay test box for medium and low voltage users
  • Machine certification according to EN 60204
  • Acoustic analysis
  • Lighting analysis, performed with Konika minolta T-10A class according to JIS AA and DIN B
  • Analysis of industrial power network parameters, large-scale distribution, tertiary, civil and hospital