Thermotechnical projects

Thermotechnical systems design

In addition to the electrical sector, Studio Corti also operates in the thermotechnical sector.

In addition to an internal technician, we have a close and active collaboration with experts in the sector. Studio Corti operates in the air conditioning and air treatment sector with specialization in the industrial field. Based on your needs, we create customized systems of small, medium and large sizes. Our air conditioning and treatment systems are used in various areas: both for the conditioning of warehouses, offices, tertiary buildings and commercial shops.

Studio Corti offers solutions for cooling industrial processes, air conditioning of production environments, air renewal and heat recovery. We have gained experience in various industrial sectors, in particular commercial outlets, large-scale distribution.

We do not only deal with air conditioning and its treatment but also with sanitary water and suction systems.

We offer to our customers a complete service that includes inspection, design, cost estimates, management of construction site documentation, testing and verification of the plants, declarations of conformity with a qualified technician, compliance of existing plants, analysis and estimates of both existing and newly built.

Our collaborators are always at your disposal. Mechanical and electrical projects are always carried out synergistically in such a way as to satisfy customer requests and provide them with the best solution.